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Improve Your Posture at Work

You're slouching right now, aren't you? Don't worry, it's something we all do

However, studies have shown that bad posture can increase feelings of depression, zap your energy and cut off your circulation. Couple that with sitting for long periods of time, and you've got a health hazard on your hands.

Keep your ears in line with your shoulders.

If you're leaning too far forward or backward, your posture is off-kilter. Use this trick whenever you're sitting at your desk.

Practice small shoulder and chest exercises.

Try a wall angel. Stand up against a wall with your legs spread apart, and hold your arms up on either side of you in a 90-degree angle. Slowly raise your arms up and down. Do this at least 15 times.

Uncross those legs.

The correct way to sit in a chair requires you to place your feet flat on the ground. That means no crossing your legs or sticking them out in front of you.If making your feet completely flat is uncomfortable, prop your feet on something. A small laptop stand or some old, thick books could work as makeshift props.

Pull back your shoulder blades.

Drawing them back and down will bring your chest up and out, and help you avoid getting rounded shoulders.

Get up and move every so often.

Sitting for long periods of time is really terrible for the body. Your blood flows slower, abdominal muscles get weaker, bones get thinner due to inactivity and your life expectancy decreases. Unless you use a standing desk, it's difficult to avoid sitting all day.

If you can't leave often, try to incorporate mini-walks into your daily schedule, getting up every hour or so. In addition, start taking the stairs, and take breaks to stand up and walk to bathrooms that are farther away. Integrating constant motion into your work routine also has an added benefit: It improves your efficiency and concentration.